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Meet Tamara

Hey! I’m Tamara. I’m the founder of Precious Poppets.

You know when your kids want your attention, but you need to reply to emails? Or when you’re trying to do life admin and be a good parent too? You want to connect with your children, but you also want a life of your own. 


So how do you keep everyone happy, including yourself?


Being a caregiver, I observed and learned pretty quickly that there was no such thing as balance without asking for help. To be a good mum and a productive business owner, you have to separate the two. 


Asking for help will allow you to make clear boundaries. When you're with you're kids, you're 100% present. When you're at work, you get more done. 


This way, you'll know you're putting in quality time in both areas of your life. You can connect with the family, do what you need to do, and can let go of the guilt—finally! You may be worried about handing your kids over to a stranger. I get it. Finding an experienced caregiver with the right credentials takes time. That’s why I started Precious Poppets to make it easier for parents to find highly-skilled nannies.


Having worked as a nanny throughout Australia and Europe for over ten years, I know how to source nannies and babysitters who take their role seriously.

Or if you would like to speak to Tamara about getting your perfect in home Nanny, then book an Introduction Call today!

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