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Updated: Apr 22

Parents get other parents. It’s just the truth! And one thing our founder Tamara knows is what it’s like to be a mother.

Juggling a business and a family is hard work. “Balance” can be elusive and time for yourself is a rare treat. Despite the ups and downs of motherhood, Tamara wouldn't have it any other way.

Tamara is a mother of three, ex-Nanny and now a Nanny expert. She has over 20 years’ experience in the childcare industry. And for over 10 years, Tamara has been helping Perth families find the right nanny for their family. It’s a job it seems like she was born to do!

To get to know Tamara a little better, we asked her some questions about nannying, parenting and her gorgeous family.

So, what are you doing today?

The list is long! The mornings are always a little hectic with the kids, getting organised for school drop offs and also getting ready for our working day. When we get home from school drop off my youngest children will be with our beautiful Nanny. So it’s my day to get as much work done as possible. I’ve got lots of emails to send, Introduction calls booked, team check ins and I’m in the process of designing some new things for the business. So, short answer. Lots of work!

You started your career as a nanny. Tell me how that came about?

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I left school but I knew I wanted to help people. So I started studying social work, but three years in to my degree I decided not to pursue it further because I found it very emotionally draining and I’m a sensitive soul! I always wanted to travel so I decided to train as a nanny and move to London. I worked as a nanny in London for five years. It was amazing. Hard work but I found I was naturally good at it. When I came back to Perth, I worked for their extended family as a nanny for a few years. So I got to know that family quite well and have an incredible bond still with them now.

What made you such a good nanny?

I’ve always had a passion for children and child development. I actually light up when I'm around children and that's how you know that this could be a role for you. You either have that quality or you don't. I’m also an overly organised person, especially with domestic jobs. Even with my kids, I love a good routine. So I always found my organisational skills helped me and the kids I looked after. I love cooking. I’m a tidy person so I don't mind cleaning. All those skills combined made me good at my job!

The families must have loved you!

I hope so! Haha no the feeling was mutual and in fact I always found it incredibly hard to leave.

And how did the idea for Precious Poppets come about?

While working as a nanny myself, I saw families rotating through a lot of nannies and I wanted to find people who would commit to their family for the long-term. More and more friends of the family I was nannying for would contact me to help them find a nanny. My clients told me I should start charging. It was casual like that for many years, until I decided to take it seriously and get my branding sorted. It started as my side hustle then and it evolved on its own. Since becoming a Mum my passion and energy for the business has grown significantly.

What do you enjoy most about running your business?

I love engaging with the parents. I find I get their situation because I’m a mum who experiences the same challenges as they do. I relate to how they feel and know how finding someone you trust is so incredibly important.

How do you organise your time with your nanny?

I’ve always had a nanny on and off for my three children. We don't have a lot of family support, therefore out sourcing is the only option. At the moment my nanny does 2 days a week. I can sneak into the office or go out to a cafe to work. The best thing is that I can come out for cuddles when I need them.

Besides work, what are the benefits of having a nanny?

Being a mum can be very lonely. A great thing about having a nanny is you build a relationship with them. They see how your family operates and they understand your kids. I work from home so I get that connection with my nanny. I find it really rewarding. Your children will always benefit from you building strong relationships. Your Nanny should also take the pressure off with house duties. We call it maintaining the home. A parent should walk in from a days work and know they they can now spend quality time with the children and not spend time playing catch up with house chores.

How do you choose the right nanny?

Obviously all my nannies must have accreditations and experience. But personality is everything. That’s why we do 2-3 interviews with nannies and parents so the parents can decide themselves who they gel with the most. It really depends on who you want in your home. Most of the time you get a vibe. For me, when I was hiring for myself, I had to choose between two nannies. It was really hard. But I obviously chose the right one because the kids love her. They run-up to her and call her name when she comes over.

You have a strong belief in being 100% connected with your kids when you’re with them, but you also believe in maintaining a work-life.

I want to be successful and show my kids mums got her own thing going on. You flourish when you have something for yourself. I find I crave that brain function and interaction. But at the same time, my kids are 100% priority. I don’t want to sacrifice spending time with my kids and that will always be an ongoing balance.

Tell us about your kids.

Theo is 5, Sia is 3 and Penn is 1. They are so different. Penn is very energetic, always trying to keep up with his older siblings. Sia is outgoing and a bit of a social butterfly. She’s very funny. Theo is very laid back and sensitive. He gives the best cuddles and I just love his caring nature.

What are your favourite things to do with the children at the moment?

I’m a big believer in getting out in the mornings. I encourage my nannies to do this too. I love getting outside. We just go out and play and explore. My phones in the bag and it won’t come out. We love our park and beach hangs. Mum and Dad can grab a coffee, it's a great way to start the day. I find the kids are happier in the morning, and so am I actually!

What do you like to do outside business and motherhood?

Gosh, where do I start (laughs). My husband and I love renovating and we do a bit on the side. We love doing this together. I'm a bit of a social butterfly, but obviously not so much now the kids are here. I do appreciate the times I do get out and spend with my friends. I also really appreciate having time to myself. When you’re a mum, an hour to yourself is precious. It’s peaceful. You come back so much happier as well. I love simple things like taking walks with a girlfriend, listening to podcasts and doing reformer pilates. Travel has always been high on my agenda, even with the children. Thankfully before covid, we took the kids to Italy. Everyone thought we were crazy because the kids were only small but it was amazing! Looking forward to more trips like that. Oh and I love cooking!

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