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Perth's Boutique Permanent Placement Agency.

Looking for a Perth nanny? We find the right Part Time or Full Time nanny for your family.

We are the leaders in full day, permanent placements!


Are you feeling overwhelmed juggling work and self-care with family responsibilities? It might be time you reach out and get some help.


Life is a balancing act. Going to work, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, making dinner and spending time with the kids? There’s little time for anything else.


Hiring a nanny will lighten the load. The extra help will give you time to spend on whatever needs your attention the most. You can go back to work, see friends, or tick things off the list that have been bugging you for weeks.


Different kinds of Nannies

Full-time or Part-time Perth Nanny

Precious Poppets specialises in full day placements, with a minimum of 8 hours a day. If you require full day care then we are the agency for you!

Are you going back to work? Have you got kids below school age who need part-time or full-time care? Getting a Perth nanny is your best bet. You will form a relationship with your nanny and your kids will develop a routine with a consistent caregiver.


How does it work?

Finding a Perth nanny is a big job. You have to research, write an ad, advertise, and conduct interviews. It’s a lot of work and takes time—time you don’t have. That’s where we come in.

Placement Fees.

Our placement packages start from $1580.



Once we know what kind of nanny you need, we begin the recruitment process. We make sure all nannies meet the Precious Poppets’ seal of approval:


  • Over the age of 20 years old

  • Identity verified with documents 

  • Minimum two years of childcare experience

  • Quality childcare reference

  • A National Police Clearance

  • A Working with Children Check

  • An up-to-date First Aid Certificate

  • A valid full driver’s licence

  • Professional and caring approach

  • Respect and diligence to personal needs


We interview a shortlist of candidates who we think will be best suited to you. We give you a list of the successful nannies to review. Each nanny profile will have a list of their experience, qualifications, beliefs, interests, as well as the reasoning behind our choice.


Interview Process

Precious Poppets will guide you through the entire interview process. We offer advice on job descriptions, interviewing and market rates. We are here to help.


We choose the right nanny for your family 

We work with nannies who are able to develop meaningful relationships and create positive learning experiences for your children. You can rest easy knowing that your child feels secure in their environment and is developing a connection with a trusted caregiver.


Precious Poppets will connect you with an experienced and reliable Perth nanny to suit your family. Book an intro call today.

Event & Wedding Care

 If you have ever looked after children at a big event like a wedding you know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you’re in the bridal party or in a starring role. You want to help out and socialise but you have a couple (or more) kids to chase around.

Being present for your family and friends is impossible when you’re worried about your kids. And if you have a baby? Forget it!

Weddings and special occasions should be fun and memorable for both adults and children. But if you’re distracted by making sure the kids are and having a good time, you won’t have fun yourself. We can match a Nanny to take the children back to the accommodation so you can enjoy the night child free.

Want to chat to us about your event?

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