Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions are legally binding between you, the family, and the Precious Poppets Nanny Agency. 



1.1   Precious Poppets is a Nanny Agency engaged to:

(a)  Gather information from both the Family and the Nanny with an objective to find a Nanny that is compatible to the requirements of the Family.

(b)  Introduce the Nanny and the Family.


1.2  In order for Precious Poppets to carry out the services defined in section 1.1 Precious Poppets is authorised to release personal information as required to possible applicants, in a manner that Precious Poppets deems fit.



2.1   All Babysitting bookings are required to be made directly between you and the Agency.

2.2  Further bookings are not to be made directly with the babysitter.

2.3  The Family must provide the babysitter with at least a 3-hour booking fee.

2.4  The Family must provide the payment directly to the Babysitter at the conclusion of the service.

2.5  The Family must provide our Nannies and Babysitters with a pleasant, warm and safe environment.

2.6  Failure to provide a suitable environment for the Nanny/Babysitter will result in Precious Poppets refraining from placing any further Nannies/Babysitters with the Family.

2.7  The Family agrees to pay petrol and parking fees where applicable.

2.8  The Family understands that upon the placement of a suitable Nanny/Babysitter the appropriate Agency Service fee will apply.

2.9 The Family understands that upon the placement of the Nanny/Babysitter they become the employer of that Nanny/Babysitter, not Precious Poppets.

2.10  Communication between the Agency and The Family must remain confidential.


3     FEES

3.1   Fees must be paid in Australian Dollars and at time of booking.

3.2  Booking fees are non-refundable should the Family cancel the booking.



4.1   Cancellations made within 4 hours of the booking start time requires the Family to pay 3 hours of work directly to the Babysitter.

4.2  Precious Poppets is not accountable for any cancellations, ‘no-shows’ or the punctuality of the Nanny/Babysitter. 

4.3  Should a Nanny/Babysitter cancel their placement with a Family before the agreed start date, Precious Poppets will seek to replace that Nanny/Babysitter or offer a complete refund on the fees paid.



5.1  Precious Poppets acts as a service to the Family, they do not employ the Nannies/Babysitters. Precious Poppets therefore is not accountable for any injury, loss, accident, damage or misconduct caused or sustained by the Nanny/Babysitter. Furthermore the Family agrees to exclude Precious Poppets should any issues arise.

5.2  While Precious Poppets aims to ensure that all Nanny/Babysitter’s backgrounds are authenticated, we cannot however guarantee that the applicant will not supply misleading information. Precious Poppets personally interviews all applicants and ensures that they have a current Working with Children Check, Police Clearance and First Aid Certificate. 

5.3  It is the Families responsibility to ensure that they have appropriate Insurance to cover the employment of a Nanny.